Open Type Fiber Laser Cutting Machine SF3015G


SF3015G Metal Fiber Laser Cutting Machine is the open type machine to cut carbon steel up to 18mm.


Pipe Welding Bed
1. High temperature annealing treatment, reduce the internal stress and deformation, its rigidity is strong, high structural stability, enough to meet the use;
2. The bed is 100mm lower than the old G, and the height of the bed is reduced to facilitate the loading and unloading of the front and side;
3. Shell sheet metal adopts thick sheet metal, which is cut by our own optical fiber machine and processed by bending machine;
4. Under the premise of constant dynamic performance, we optimize the structure, perfectly integrate the workbench and bed, and directly put the knife blade on the bed to avoid shaking;
5. The new G has removed the roller and simplified the assembly, greatly shortening the production and assembly cycle and producing the equipment in the shortest time.

Cast Aluminum Beam
Aerospace standards cast aluminum beam, high accuracy, good toughness, light weight, corrosion resistance, anti-oxidation, low density, and greatly increase the processing speed.

High Precision Rack and Pinion
Double-rack, double-driver; rack, guide and motor drive all use the international first-line brand, and use laser interferometer to test to ensure cutting accuracy; use the milling cutter to process the ruler more than 5 times to ensure the accuracy of the ruler, the middle of the guide rail and the ruler. An adjustment block is installed for adjustment of accuracy.

New Design Laser Head Cover
The appearance of the laser head cover is beautiful, which is helpful for
observing red light and cooling, cleaning dust, avoiding long-term high temperature and damaging internal devices.



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