Modula Slim

Modula Slim is the smart choice for anyone looking for a totally flexible vertical storage solution.

You can store all sorts of materials and products in your Modula Slim vertical storage system: loose materials, containers (boxes, bins, packs, cartons, cases), small items, spare parts, coils, flasks.

All the advantages of Lift technology built into 3 sq.m of floor space:
• Recover floor space, making the most of storage density
• Reduce picking times
• Make materials accessible to all operators, quickly and ergonomically
• Keep stock levels and all storage system items under control
• Integrate easily into your company processes by communicating with all ERP systems
• Track picking and refilling operations, identifying who did what and control every access
• Eliminate picking and refilling errors by guiding the operator through the process

This product can be integrated with Modula WMS: Warehouse Management System for Vertical Lift


• Total payload is up to 25,000 kg with up to 7 metres in height and no more than 1.6 m in depth
• You can make use of all the availabe space in your vertical storage system thanks to dynamic tray height storage: there are no fixed heights, as the Modula Slim calculates the best place to put the trays and eliminates any wasted space between them
• Unlike in a vertical storage carousel, with Lift technology and the way the elevator moves, there are no issues with unbalanced loads
• Energy consumption is relatively low: less than 1.2 kW/h
• You can choose to power the lift system with a three-phase (400V) or a single-phase (230V) supply
• Maintenance requirements are reduced: the V-Shape toothed belt transmission system is super quiet, requires no lubrication and its self-aligning pulley system means it’s super easy to install and adjust
• You can add all available options from the Modula vertical storage solutions range, such as visual aids, put to light, access control systems, partitions, dividers and slotted tray walls to subdivide the trays



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