Modula Cube

Modula Cube is made up of multiple modules to build its overall length, where trays are stored in two columns within each module, one at the front and the other at the rear.

Trays are transported between modules to operators at the access opening area via a shuttle that travels both vertically and horizontally within the unit.

Trays move from the rear of the unit to the access opening location at the base of the modules. In essence it acts much like a traditional VLM as far as storage is concerned, but we also have the ability to transfer trays between modules for a longer machine instead of only storing items vertically.

Product height measurement light curtains for measuring incoming items:
• Personal protection safety light curtains at the access opening area to prevent injury when trays are being delivered or returned
• Automatic doors or the access opening area
• The picking bay area features lighting to allow for easy viewing of items

This product can be integrated with Modula WMS: Warehouse Management System for Vertical Lift


Unit Width (mm) 2.930 3.580
Unit Height (mm) 2.730 2.730
Number of Modules 1 to 6 1 to 5
Unit Depth (mm) 2.270 (max 13.620) 2.570 (max 12.850)
Tray Width (mm) 2.534 3.185
Tray Depth (mm) 651 752
Net Tray Payload Capacity (kg) 125/250 125/250



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